Some examples of my
international teaching:

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and its STAR Academy, I offered workshops on museum education to art teachers in Singapore’s primary and secondary schools. The focus was on how how to use dialogue and multimodal activities to facilitate meaningful engagements with works of art, and on school-museum collaboration. In Singapore, I was also keyonote speaker a the 2016 Museum Education Symposium, MUSES.

I spent two summers teaching a course on art and museum education to graduate students at the Teachers College campus in Tokyo. Our partner in this endeavor was the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOTT), where the students and I spent numerous class sessions. Because most of my students were English teachers in Japanese schools, the course invited them to consider the inextricable relationship of art, language, and culture, and the role of engagements with art in (language) education.

In my native Mexico, at the Universidad Iberoamericana, I taught a week-long intensive symposium on art museum education to selected art history faculty and students from the Art History Department. In addition, I gave a lecture on the topic to the Art History Department. More recently, I conducted professional development for educators at the Museo Nacional de San Carlos and taught and intensive workshop on the relationship art making and everyday life at the Taller de Arte y Expresión Visual. 

In a week-long intensive symposium, my Teachers College colleagues (Graeme Sullivan, Judith Burton, Renee Darvin) and I shared our approach to art education to over a hundred artists and educators at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing.


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